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Pieces of Me


Feb 13, 2016
10:46 am
Feb 12, 2016
9:38 pm
Feb 9, 2016
5:59 pm
Feb 9, 2016
7:04 am
Feb 9, 2016
3:26 am

Is anyone taking point commissions for pixel icons? 

1 deviant said I am too lazy to make my own.
No deviants said Please comment names

Valentine's Memes for Days

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 12, 2016, 2:29 PM

Seen this everywhere, so why not?
1. Are you single or taken?

2. Chocolate or flowers?

3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day?

4. Do you like anyone?
Of course.

5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines?

6. Who do you want to spend Valentines with?
Boyfriend ofc.

7. Do you make a big deal about Valentines?
I make big deals about holidays in general. 

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
One or two.

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter?
Texts count?

10. Do you believe in Cupid?

11. Do your parents give you presents on Valentines? 
Mom does.

12. Do you still send out Valentine cards?

13. Do you like candy hearts?

14. What is something you got last Valentines?
A stuffed bear.

15. Is Valentines depressing?

16. How is your love life? 
Better than it has been in a long time.

17. Have you ever been dumped on Valentines?

18. How many roses would you want? 
One would be fine.

19. Will you have a girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentines day?

20. Do you look forward to Valentines day?

21. Who was your last Valentine from?
My ex.

22. Who do you expect to get a Valentine from this year?

23. Who would you most like to receive a Valentine from?
See above answer.

24. How many Valentines will you be sending this year?

25. Have you ever not received a Valentine?

26. What was the most Valentines you received in a single year?

27. Have you ever received an anonymous Valentine?

28. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentine?

29. Will you be sending an anonymous Valentine this year? 

30. What was the best Valentine gift you ever received?
A ring from my mom.

31. What was the worst?
Not sure.

32. Have you ever started dating someone on Valentines day?

33. Do you have a crush at the moment?

34. Have you ever been deeply in love?

35. Longest relationship you've ever been in?
On and off for a few years.

36. Have you ever changed for someone?

37. How is your relationship with your ex?
I only speak to two, one daily and the other hardly ever.

38. Have you ever been cheated on?

39. Have you ever cheated?

40. Would you date someone who's well known for cheating?
People can change.

41. What's the most important part of a relationship?
Honesty, loyalty, bond.

42. Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings? 

43. When you are dating someone do you believe in going on "breaks"?
Tried it once.

44. How many people have you ever hooked up with?

45. What's one thing you regret saying/doing in a previous relationship?
Not being closer or realize what was going on.

46. What age do you think is appropriate for kids to start having sex?
Depends on when you're ready.

47. Do you believe in the phrase "age is just a number"?
I keep my age limit at 5 years.

48. Do you believe in "love at first sight"?

49. Do you believe it's possible to fall in love on the internet?

50. What do you consider a deal breaker?
Cheating, abuse.

51. How do you know it's time to end a relationship?
When you no longer want that person around or they no longer want you.

52. Are you currently in a relationship?

53. Do you think people who have dated can stay friends?
Depends. The friendship is a little awkward.

54. Do you think people should date their friends?
Sure, if you aren't afraid of losing the friendship.

55. How many relationships have you had?
Serious and lasting? 4, counting my current.

56. Do you think love can last forever?
I hope.

57. Do you believe love can conquer all things?

58. Would you break up with someone your parents didn't approve of?

59. If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be?
Be aware.

60. Do you think long distance relationships can work?
I used to.

61. What do you notice first about another person?
How they are to others.

62. Are you straight, bi, gay or pansexual?
Bisexual I suppose, although I've only found myself to love two girls. I don't really look at girls much more than friends anymore. Not sure.

63. Would it bother you if your partner suffered from any mental illness?
You loved them for a reason.

64. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?

65. Do you want to get married one day?

66. What do you think about getting your partner's name tattooed?

67. Could you be in a relationship without sex?
It would be difficult.

68. Are you still a virgin?

69. What's more important: Looks or personality?

70. Do you enjoy love films?
Not really.

71. Have you ever given anyone/received roses?
I keep fake ones, so yes.

72. Have you ever had a valentine?

73. What's your imagination of a "perfect date"?
Driving around, cuddling, being sentimental and stupid.

74. Have you ever read "Romeo & Juliet"?
Least romantic thing ever.

75. What's more important: Your partner or your friends?
Friends. Although your partner should be your friend.

76. Would you consider yourself "romantic"?
I can be.

77. Could you imagine to date one of your current friends?
I usually only date friends.

78. Have you ever been "friendzoned"?

79. Which "famous couple" is your favorite?
Don't have one.

80. What's your favorite love song?
I dunno.

81. Have you ever broken someone's heart?

82. If you're single, why do you think you are?

83. Would you rather date someone who's rich but a douchebag or someone who's poor but a nice guy?
Poor but nice. 

84. Are you good at giving other people advice regarding dating/ relationships?

85. Are you jealous of couples when you're single?
Depends whose in the relationship.

86. How important is it to make a relationship official? 
So long as you both know.

87. Would you consider yourself "clingy", "overly attached" or "jealous"?
I used to be.

88. Have you ever "destroyed" a relationship?

89. Do you think it's silly to consider suicide because of a broken heart?
A little.

90. Are you the "dominant" or the "submissive" part in a relationship?

91. Have you ever forgotten important dates like your partner's birthday or your anniversary? 

92. What's your opinion on open relationships?

93. Who's more important: Your partner or your family?

94. How do you define "cheating"?
Flirting, getting close to someone when you're in a relationship, keeping secrets, anything you know would hurt your partner and that you have to hide.

95. Is watching porn while being in a relationship inappropriate?
Nah. But, he doesn't so I don't really have to worry.

96. Do you think Valentine's Day is overrated?
Aren't all holidays?

97. Would you consider yourself a "cuddler"? 
Very much so.

Commission Stuff☺

JournalDoll- 25 :points:- Ex:COM:: QU33R-DEER by Mooshie-Moo
Mini Pixel- 5 :points:- Ex:.:GA:. BlueBell by Mooshie-MooMini Pixel Silence by Mooshie-Moo
Animation- 20-50 :points:-Ex.: Coy Run Cycle -Click- by Mooshie-Moo
Full Picture-20-40 :points:-Ex:Origins by Mooshie-Moo

Contest Entries!

No Specific Order
CoyKoi Used Hydro Pump by RowanFyre
Aromatherapy - Contest by corgimancy
Contest Entry: Close to Evolution by LoveToLast

Commission Stuffs (◕‿◕✿)

1. :iconpheobetheminion:
What I owe- Lots of journal dolls
Status- :bulletgreen:Paid

2. :icong00ey-guts:
What I owe- 2 Mini Pixels
Status- :bulletgreen: Paid

3. :iconslugggy:
What I owe- 1 Mini Pixel
Status- :bulletred: Unpaid
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